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Below your 2018 Software Purchase Order Number, your EFIN Validation Code will be displayed.

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Step 4 Create an Admin Account The 2018 TaxSlayer Pro program includes a set of predefined security roles.. Code be entered in the software The EFIN Validation Code is a 12-digit code unique to your EFIN.

taxslayer software

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Currently, we only offer the 2016, 2017, and 2018 prior year programs that would allow you to print the return from within the program.. If the username or password is still incorrect, TaxSlayer Pro displays the same warning.. If the username or password is incorrect, TaxSlayer Pro displays a warning: Click Ok. Social For Gmail For Mac

taxslayer software download

” Perhaps this is part of what dates the book, because nowadays some personal tax software packages are genuinely helpful for subsets of US expats.. taxslayerpro com The 'Trial', or 'Demo' Version is the 2018 tax year TaxSlayer Pro Web Application.. In it, they correctly state that there is no tax software designed for US expats, and they write “There is software that helps Americans file their tax returns, but we think this makes things more confusing.

taxslayer software login

TaxSlayer Pro displays the Login window for a third time. TaxSlayer Pro displays the Login window for a second time: Re-enter the username and password.. Your EFIN Validation code can be found by logging in to your TaxSlayer Pro My Account and selecting the Account History link on the left side of the screen.. Global Nav Open Menu Global Nav Close Menu; Apple; Shopping Bag + Search Support.. [Updated Jan 2020 as well ] Based on my research, the best tax software for US expats is TaxAct.. TaxSlayer Pro Web is a You will need to enter this into your 2018 Software) You can manually enter the Validation Code or copy and paste it into the space provided in the Firm Information Menu. 518b7cbc7d